Charli turns 1

To my beautiful daughter,

I love everything about you. You are perfect and I am very grateful to be your dad.

Happy 1st birthday. I look forward to celebrating every year with you.

Love, Dad.

Here are pictures from your 1st birthday

And here are captures of great moments during each month leading up to your first bday!

0 Months (October)

Mom and I were VERY tired this month. It was pretty surreal leaving the hospital with you.

1 Month (November)

We moved houses during this month, and you were the perfect baby. Super chill, and slept a ton. Your ‘pop-pop’ came to help us during the move, and you got to hang with him.

2 Months (December)

Family came to visit and meet you during Christmas.

3 Months (January)

For the first 2-3 weeks of this month, you hung out with Daddy at home while Mom returned to work. We drove to see her each day during her lunch break. You started Primrose this month.

4 Months (February)

This was your “big head-bow” month. You rocked hella head bows to school, and started swim class.

5 Months (March)

This month was pretty chill. We went to swim class, you had a doctors visit, and started bringing home all the germs from Primrose. Fun times.

6 Months (April)

We took a trip to Destin, Florida, where you got to go to the beach, visit an aquarium, and were the coolest baby in town.

7 Months (May)

We went to the Atlanta Zoo for mothers day. You weren’t really interested in the animals; maybe you’ll like the zoo when you’re older.

8 Months (June)

We went to visit New Jersey for your Uncle Seyi’s high school graduation. You got to meet more family, and visited New York!

9 Months (July)

We celebrated the 4th of July. Uncle Dare came to town to hang out with us. You tried ice cream this month, you didn’t love it but in your defense mommy gave you chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla. Who does that?!

10 Months (August)

You tried snow cone ice for the first time this month. FYI, you loved it!

11 Months (September)

This was the month before you turned 1! Your brunch game stepped up. We had the routine locked. You’d probably been to over 15 restaurants at this point.

12 months (October!)

My big girl. Happy birthday. Dad loves you.

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