Weekly notes, Aug 23-29 2021


The week was spent in Santa Catalina Island with the rest of the WordPress.com leadership team.


  • I’ve been working on updating my portfolio site. The home page is done. Now moving into the inner pages (cas studies, and ancillary components).
  • Deactivated Everyplate subscription. It’s a great service, but the meals get a bit repetitive after a few months. We also have enough cards to experiement with cooking using ingredients we get from the grocery store,
  • Watched Clickbait. Spoiler: Plot twist at the end!
  • Tried out Cafe Rio Mexican Grill while at the Salt Lake City airport. It was better than Chipotle.


My cousin’s, Ase Manual, music was featured in Beyonce’s #IVYPARKRODEO commercial. Proud of him.

I have a meeting scheduled this week in Facebook’s Oculus Horizon workroom. Looking forward to seeing what meeting rooms in VR are like.


Listening to Kanye West’s Donda while writing this post. After the wait, it was finally released. It’s good. A culmination of Kanye—his style, vibe, sound—to date.


I’ve been digging into Matthew Ball‘s posts on the Metaverse (The Metaverse Primer).

Mark Zuckerberg endorsed Matthew’s essays when talking to Casey Newton about his vision for the Metaverse.

Mark: “I thought Matthew Ball’s essays, by the way, were great, and anyone who’s trying to learn about this, I think he wrote a nine-part piece on a bunch of the different aspects of what the metaverse could be, and I highly recommend all of them. (interview)

Also, Matthew has a prescient post on Netflix and video games which was published days before Netflix launched a gaming subscription in Poland.

Have 3 books in queue:

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