Weekly notes, Aug 2-8 2021


We watched A Quiet Place pt2 this weekend on Paramount+. Wasn’t aware Amazon video provided channel add-ons to the base prime subscription.

Spotify Car Thing is an interesting attempt by Spotify to replace the radio hardware in cars, and/or the phone folks use to play music from. Regardless of if it sticks, it’s a nice attempt to innovate.


Been on a classic reggae vibe this past week. This playlist has been on repeat in the background.


More metaverse. Stratechery’s Ben Thompson digs into the trending metaverse topic, highlighting Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella being the first to discuss it during a keynote. The article then moves into discussing Snow Crash, comparing it to Facebook’s vision for the Metaverse and the reality we live in.

I thought this tweet was interesting. The replies lean both ways (agree, disagree). This tweet below articulates how I interpreted the above tweet.

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