Weekly notes, Jul 26 – Aug 1, 2021


  • Usual 1:1s.
  • A few hiring interviews. (Know any great designers?! We’re, Automattic, hiring! )
  • First month of Q3 is over. We have 5 months left before EOY. Zooming in on OKRs to track how we’re doing, and planning for the rest of the year.
  • Kicked off a few projects. Look forward to sharing once they launch publicly.


  • Refreshed this website! It was due for an update. Will be adding case studies over the next few days/weeks.
  • I used Gutenberg’s Full Site Editing experience—a product we’ve been working on for A WHILE—to update this site. A nice way to wine taste/dog food. There are a few hiccups, but will say, building a site with FSE compared to the classic editor is WAY better. There are hiccups—it’s still WIP—but the speed from idea to launch is way faster!
  • I have a backlog of articles I plan on sharing over the remaining months.
  • Registered a new side project idea, The Represntation. It’s going to be a podcast inviting folks from different background (focused on unrepresented communities) to share their “getting into tech” story, and provide guidance for others who would like to do the same.


Steve’s articulation around how electronics (tech), networks will disrupt how organizations will function in the “future”. We live in the age of interpersonal computing.

You can see the full video below.


For fans of Post Malone, hearing him cover country music is a delight. Talent.


My good friend and colleague, Ollie Rozdarz, shared some lovely-looking growth numbers around his project Hitchd.

This week was filled with “metaverse” jokes. The metaverse does sound like an interesting space to explore. The use cases highlighted during the interview does resonate, and the idea of flattening the world so folks globally can interact more fluidly does sound ideal. Who knows in 30 years we might view our current modes of interaction primitive.

Very cool to see Neuralink raising a round to continue the work of creating a “whole brain interface capable of more closely connecting biological and artificial intelligence”. The singularity quest continues.

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