Weeknotes, June 21 – 25, 2021

This is a weekly ritual I’ll be trying out on my blog. It’s something I do internally at Automattic to recap my week, and share key happening across the division, and company with the team. I hadn’t considered doing it on my blog till seeing Dan Mall’s weekly notes, Jason Fried’s see something, hear something, saw something posts, and David Perrell’s Friday finds. I’ll be blending things a bit to find the right flavor for myself.



  • Flew to New Jersey last week with my wife, and daughter for my younger brother’s high school graduation. COVID rules were in place, so only my parents were able to attend. We were able to watch via live stream.
  • Grabbed dinner with a few coworkers while in New Jersey.
  • Ordered a Garmin Venu SQ-Music Edition (Automattic perk—we’re hiring!)
  • Ordered a new coffee marker (OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker). We’ve had our current coffee maker for over 5 years, it’s time.
  • Flew back to ATL on Tuesday. Traveling with an infant (~9 months old) is tough work!
  • Wrote Clarifying Design Systems, and shared it on LinkedIn.
  • With my daughter crawling all over the place now installed gates at stairways.
  • Mounted a TV in our bedroom, now need to hide the wires.
  • Now that vacation is over, back on a low carb diet -_-. Starting workout routine (4x a week) this coming Monday.


I’ve been watching Inside the world’s toughest prisons. It’s fascinating how prison systems, the people within them, and the constructs within the prison reflect the culture the prison is built within. If you do watch this, a really interesting comparison is the prison in Greenland, compared to the prison in Paraguay.

Rick and Morty’s season 5 is out, and episode 1 is great. Brings the Rick and Morty energy.


Mostly streams of music off of soundcloud. Came across Diplo, and Dillon Francis b2b sets from last year. Gold.

The Bill Ellish – Everything I wanted, Born Dirty remix hits. Planning on dusting off the turntable, and mixing a set.

Started listening to No Rules Rules Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer via Audible.


Added more Japanese tattoo snaps/inspiration to my Pinterest board.

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